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Custom Pause and Play buttons


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    Please tell me how I might add custom pause and play buttons that have the exact same effect as pause on hover (or play by scroll keyframe), where the timer and most animation layers stop during a slide. 

    The #start and #stop links and LayerSlider navigation buttons don't do this either. They only pause at the END of slides, not during, like the hover option does.

    Thank you!

    P.S. Is there a way to make a layer disappear, that has a "keep this layer visible" setting for a slide that is skipped? ie. A layer in slide 2, is kept visible until slide #4, but a custom button (Layer link) skips to slide #6. The layer from slide 2 is still visible in 6 because slide 4 was never viewed. Along the same lines, layers that would have appeared in slide 5, and set to stay visible until 7, don't appear in 6 or 7.

    Might it be possible to add a function to the Layer Link that jumps to a time in the current slide's timeline. ie. #jump8000 Would jump to the 8 second mark. or #4-8000 would jump to slide 4 at 8 seconds.

    I greatly appreciate the "start immediately" option for the Play By Scroll. Might it also be possible to add a "Do not pause at the end of slide" or a "do not pause except at on keyframe" option? I realize that Play By Scroll wasn't intended to use more than one slide, but if I need to add content in the middle, it's much easier to add a slide, than to change the timing for dozens of layers. (I'm attempting to use Play By Scroll as a work around for not having a button to pause in the middle of a slide.)

    Might it be possible to stop the Slider Builder from being affected by the Play By Scroll option? When you turn on Play By Scroll, and go back to the Slides Editor, using the scroll wheel pops the canvas into place, and disables scrolling up and down the page to change settings, forcing the developer to use the scroll bar.

    Looking forward to the next release, when the Qode Bridge Theme no longer causes items not to display properly.

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    Attila replied

    Hey konayoda,

    There are no dedicated smart links available to achieve it, however the LayerSlider API does provide a function for this, alongside with other useful methods: https://support.kreaturamedia.com/docs/layersliderwp/documentation.html#api-methods

    Currently this is how the staic layers are working, we are planning to improve this feature and add new options to it in the future.

    There is no built-in option in the plugin but you can manipulate the timeline if you're familiar with programing. As mentioned, the LayerSlider API does provide a lot of options. You can access the GreenSock animation engine's Timeline object and you can change it with the standard GreenSock functions.

    We are planning to add similar options to the play by scroll feature, however your example should already be working this way. You can use multiple slides, and in this case only after the last slide is finished will be the slider scrollable again instead of slide playback. 

    Thank you for the feedback, we will consider your suggestion about the Preview and the Play By Scroll effect.

    The update is going to be released later today, so it will be accessible with the auto-update feature immediately, and on CodeCanyon as well after the Envato admins has accepted it.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team

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    John replied

    Hi Rich, 

    We're only available to help via Ticksy I'm afraid. Unfortunately, Ticksy had major server issues recently, which was a big barrier for us to provide promptly replies. They are installing new servers right now and throughout the weekend. It seems that the situation has already started normalizing and we hope this won't be an issue any longer. Alternatively, we can also continue our conversation via email if there would be further complications in the service.

    I've checked your site and I can confirm the scrolling issues. It's really strange, we haven't encountered anything similar so far, and there is no indication what could cause this. A script that changes the scrolling behavior (i.e. smooth scrolling) would be an educated guess on my part, many themes include features like this (and it depends on the exact implementation), but only the theme author can say anything concrete. I would suggest looking into the theme settings, maybe there is a switch for that feature that would provide a workaround at the very least. Further proof that it has something theme related is that it works fine on mobiles and tablets where there is no scroll event, only touch and drag operations.

    I find no issues with the slide switching. One reason could be the media layer, the slider will not progress any further until the audio has finished playing. If I wait it out without touching anything, the slider works properly, no matter if I'm logged in to your site or not. It also works fine for me if I quickly jump to the end of both the slide and audio. This behavior can be changed in Slider Settings -> Videos.

    Please let us know what questions do you have regarding the API. We can provide you pointers and examples, but it worth noting that the API really needs web development knowledge and can be really difficult to use for those lacking the necessary experience.

    We're doing the best we can to minimize and solve compatibility issues, even if it's not on our end. However, there are issues that only 3rd parties can fix, so I'm not sure we can provide a solution for the scrolling behavior for example. I'm not trying to convince you to switch themes, but since you've purchased LayerSlider, you can freely use it with any theme you like if it comes to that.

    Best Regards,
    John | Kreatura Dev Team

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    John replied

    Hey Rich, 

    Sorry about that, I read everything and I didn't intent to ignore it. I can confirm that it is an issue on our part and we will fix it in the next update.

    I've also re-checked your slider and now I can see what you mean.  I've talked to my colleague who implemented the Play By Scroll feature and it shouldn't be hard to add a switch to eliminate that pause, so it will likely be added in the next update as well.

    Thank you for your understanding!

    Best Regards,
    John | Kreatura Dev Team