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layer slider 6 play by scroll


  • Arun started the conversation


    I used layer slider 6, play by scroll slider in my client website. The problem is I cannot progress to other sections of the page without the completion of the complete slider scroll. This looks good but not for repeated users who visits website frequently. I need a skip option, so that the user can skip the slider and go to other sections of the website by scrolling. Is there an option to find a solution for this issue?



  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Arun,

    Unfortunately there is no built-in option in the plugin to achieve this. But as an alternate solution you could try to create a layer that would navigate to the end of the slide/slider with the LayerSlider API. Or even just create a linked layer that scrolls the page down to a specific content under the slider.

  • Arun replied

    Hello Attila,

    Thank you for your reply. I tried both the options. It doesn't help me out. I linked to other sections with URL through a new layer. It scrolls down to the other section of the page. Though when I scroll again it scrolls back to the slider and after the completion of the slider only I can frequently scroll to other sections. You can have a reference at www.beyondz.in so that you can figure out the issue. I would be grateful if there is solution for this.



  • [deleted] replied

    At the moment there is no better way in the plugin to achieve this effect I'm afraid.

    However we believe that adding this kind of feature to the plugin would be beneficial as it's a really good idea. So we will look into this on how we could implement an option for it in future releases. Thank you for your feedback.