How to test for potential incompatibility issues?

We often ask our customers to test compatibility on their site since, in many cases, a 3rd party plugin or the theme can cause issues, especially regarding appearance. Fortunately, there is an easy and quick way to do it.

By temporarily disabling every other plugin (except LayerSlider) and switching to a default WP theme, you can immediately rule out any chance of incompatibility. If this does not help, the issue you're experiencing is likely not related to other plugins/themes. However, if it does help, you have certainly run into a compatibility issue. In that case, you can find out what's causing the trouble by re-enabling your plugins one at a time and watching when the issue returns. 

If you've successfully identified the troublesome item on your site, make sure to share your findings with us. It can be extremely helpful to fully understand the situation you're in, and it allows us to provide you with advice and a workaround to solve the issue you're experiencing.