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Hover transition don't work


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    Samuel started the conversation


    I've update layerslider and afterwards the "hover transition"did not work anymore.

    Can you help me ?

    Best regards


  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Samuel,

    Which slider(s) and layer(s) should we look at exactly on your site to check this problem ?

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    Samuel replied

    Hey Attila,

    Two sliders are concerned, with the button "KAUFEN"  the first is on the top of the homepage named "Slider A program home page",, the second with the picture of the product named "Personaliere dein Zeit" both are only one slide.

    Thank you !

  • [deleted] replied

    Thanks for the feedback. We were able to locate the problem and we are going to release a fix for it in the next update. Sorry for your inconveniences.