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responsive and slider resizing


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    Dave started the conversation


    I have difficulties trying to make my slider nice on mobile. at the moment the slider at the top of the page is displaying nice on desktop but when in mobile view, the slider keep the same proportions and is too small to read or even notice.

    I'm trying to achieve something similar to here: https://www.beoplay.com/

    where when on mobile or resizing the windows, the screen focus on a certain point on the image, keep the image size and re-organise the content within the screen.

    any help on how to achieve this?



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    Dave replied

    Sorry a few questions:

    I have played around with the options and it doesn't seem to have a place where I can keep the weight and the height of an image fixed?

    similarly for text, when I check the box "Min. font size" and input 24px, the font doesn't seem to stay fix and resize to the point it becomes unreadable....

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Dave,

    There was an issue with the Min font size options but we have released a fix for it in 6.1.0 , so you will be able to use this setting properly after the update.

    We have checked your site and the responsive layout is indeed behaving strangely but we are not yet sure what is causing it exactly. Could you please temporary switch to a default theme and disable 3rd party plugins to see if it solves the issue ?

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    Dave replied

    Hi Attila,

    thanks for the response on the min font size option. 

    however, even when checking the demos on your site, I can really find a slider that has a specific height on mobile. it seems that the entire slider is shrinking whereas I want to specifcy a height for device under a certain width.

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    George replied


    In this case, you should try the Fit to parent height mode of Full size slider type (please see the attached screenshot).

    With using this option, the slider will work like a full size slider, but it will ALWAYS fit its parent container element. Of course, in this case you must set the height of the parent element, but you can set different sizes in different devices if you need.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team