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Slider Not Responsive


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    BarbaraD started the conversation

    We are having issues with our layerslider on this site. It's used only on home page, and the header overlays the slider.

    On a computer screen it looks great.

    On a smaller screen, e.g. for tablet, there's white padding to left and right, and the buttons are misplaced.

    On a mobile size screen, the white padding is even worse, the hamburger menu is off to the side, and the buttons are even worse.

    Please help us figure out what's going on so the site looks right on mobile.

    The site is live.

    We can provide an admin account if you need it.

  •   BarbaraD replied privately
  • [deleted] replied

    Hey BarbaraD,

    Please update the plugin. This problem should not occur with the recent update, LayerSlider 6.

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    BarbaraD replied

    We downloaded and reinstalled when we purchased our license on December 8. We previously had it due to the theme we were using, but we switched to Divi so we purchased the plugin directly.

    The plugin is showing version 5.6.9 and no updates available.

    If we aren't at latest please advise how to get it. If we are, that apparently didn't fix our issue. Thanks.

  • [deleted] replied

    The latest version is 6.1.0. You can access it with the auto-update feature after activating the plugin with your purchase code or you can download the plugin's package from CodeCanyon as well.

    Please refer to the following URL: https://support.kreaturamedia.com/docs/layersliderwp/documentation.html#plugin-setup