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Layerslider adds overflow in section


  • Simon started the conversation


    Somehow when having a layerslider on a page, it's adds the following selectors:

    html body .ls-overflow-visible, html#ls-global .ls-overflow-visible, body#ls-global .ls-overflow-visible, #ls-global .ls-overflow-visible, .ls-overflow-visible {
      overflow: visible !important;

    Is it possible to have this somehow deactivated, because it mix up the design in some parts.



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    George replied

    Hello Simon,

    If you are using a scroll / sticky scene from Layout types, these style rules are necessary for the proper working. If you are using other Layout modes, this can be disabled by the following way:

    Open Project Settings, Enable the Advanced Settings switch, then please go to Layout and scroll down. The Prevent Slider Clipping feature should be disabled and this should solve your issue.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team