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  • Heather Roark started the conversation


    I'm working on site speed and Google Sit Speed shows my site is failing due to FCP and LCP time. 

    I went in and adjusted my LayerSlider, but I'm still seeing a bit of a delay. 

    Are there any additional settings you would recommend to improve the site speed? 

    Btw, I have three keys for three sites using LayerSliders on each: 




    Thank you! 

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    George replied

    Hello Heather,

    Unfortunately, synthetic tests tend to provide lower or even bad scores for dynamic content like a slider. For example, apple.com scores terribly on mobile devices, while youtube.com scores also a very low value. These links point to the home pages that use static content for the most part. A highly dynamic page with videos and animations would receive even lower scores. It's easy to see that these performance measuring tools aren't too reliable when you test fast and trusted sites that also receive bad scores. While it can be useful, the results need some expertise to filter out false positives.

    Still, we offer many performance-related options, including many that PageSpeed Insights recommends. You can find these under Plugin Setting's Performance menu. 

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team