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Can't animate with preset opening transition


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    Michael started the conversation


    I Can't animate with preset opening transition, it only keep showing a preview. please help. 

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    George replied

    Hello Michael,

    By clicking to a transition preset, it will preview it. If you would like to apply that transition to the layer, just simply click to the checkmark at the right side of the preset name. And after that, you can save/publish your slider.

    Attached files:  how-to-apply-a-transition-preset.mp4

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team

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    Michael replied

    Hahaha George, that is crazy! I was trying everything... 4 hours long hahaha! Ok i have to drink less coffee! Thanx!

  •   George replied privately
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    Michael replied

    Ah thank god! I do loads of interaction design, so ... maybe is less logic indeed. hehe...