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Slider black line underneath


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    Miriam started the conversation

    Hi, my slider on mobile had a little black line underneath.

    I use the video background, maybe that's what causing the problem?

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    Miriam replied

    One more random question, how can I change the text on the same slide, after like 3 seconds?

    I have 2 titles that I want randomly in the slider, but I dont see the timeline editor anymore?

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    George replied

    Hello Miriam,

    As I can see, the video itself has a small black area both at the bottom and the top.

    If you would like to have more text layers and change them on the same slide, at first, you should add/style/position the two text layers. Then, the first text layer should disappear after three seconds, so go to Ending Transition, and set Transition Properties to:

    Start When: Opening Transition completes + 3000

    And for the second text layer, please go to Opening Transition and set the Transition Properties to:

    Start At: 4000

    Attached files:  second-text-layer.png

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team

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    Miriam replied