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Erroneous Space Causing PHP Errors After Updates


  • James started the conversation

    Hello, every time I attempt to update LayerSlider to a new version past 7.9.x I get PHP errors that either break the site entirely or give PHP notices and warnings. It is because of an extra space (not sure if non-breaking or not) that is added in line 47 of the main layerslider.php file. I have to go in and remove that space every time after an update. Can this please get patched ASAP? Thank you.

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    George replied

    Hello James,

    The screenshot shows that this is not an official release, so it's not from us.

    The license key (purchase code) is in a completely different format than the one we use. We see that you bought the product, as you have a valid license key, but we do not understand why an invalid license key is hardcoded into the installed instance of LayerSlider.

    Could you provide more information about the theme you are using, or the URL of your website where the plugin is installed?

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team