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image to fit and show all in container


  • Ed Rosenthal started the conversation

    on the site https://lawyerretirementcoaching.com/ i have a slider , but i don't understand why the slides don't respect the container of the elementor section's width. setting the Element to "boxed", i would expect the images to be contained within it. the slider settings are full width, canvas width to 2000 by 1500 ( so that i can get the    image to be able to be fully visible, i think...). can you assist in letting me know if these are correct? or suggest something that would resize the image with correct proportions within an elementor widget ( perhaps suggest min height or some css ?). we can assist you logging in if needed?

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    George replied

    Hello Ed,

    Full width and full size sliders are not respecting the parent containers width. That's the normal behavior. I would recommend you to use responsive layout instead of full width.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team