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  • Pierre started the conversation


    I'm new on this plugin I've just bought, and I'm deeply confused about how to use LayerSlider, though I viewed twice the small introduction animation and though I reviewed the doc to get the most info possible.
    My need is basic: I will have 10 projects (origami slideshows) to build, each of them will simply be a set of 10-20 photos (the slides), transitioned as in your "Origami" demo. Here is where I'm stuck :

    1. I simply cannot find a way to import simultaneously several "slides". Do you not have this very central feature? Or where is it hidden?

    2. As a "plan B" alternative, I'm currently manually creating each new slide and import each background image one by one. But then, I'm looking for a button or shortcut to navigate from one slide to the previous slide and to the next slide. Any one?

    3. When I look at the existing demo slides, transitioned in an "origami" way : I get nowhere the clue of which transition is already applied to them! The button "timing and transitions" open the panel "transition" with timing fields, but nowhere is it displayed the currently applied Transitions! What is the process for that?

    4. The button "Ressources" always freezes on "loading" ; I wait several minutes and nothing happens (my browser is firefox 115.2.0esr 64 bits , my layerslide is 7.8 and my wordpress is 6.3.1 ). Same freeze happens when I click on the button "choose the resource" inside the "slide background" section.

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    George replied

    Hello Pierre,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. My name is George and I'm happy to assist you today. I appreciate your patience while we've been working towards your ticket.

    1. When you set the slide background image to the first slide, you can select more images in the Media Library. By doing that, LayerSlider will create multiple slides for you with the selected images.

    2. If you hold the Control key (or Command if you have Mac) by pressing the left or right keys, you can easily navigate to the previous / next slides.

    3. Yes, you are right: the currently applied transitions are only visible if you open the transition selector. We will find a better way for this, in the future.

    4. That should not happen. Please try to empty all caches in any cache plugins you are using.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team