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Editor Won't load - infinite loading spinner


  • Eric started the conversation

    After upgrading the plugin from version 6.11 to the latest version I can no longer get into the edit window. When I click a slider to edit, I get the loading spinner....forever. The edit window does not load.

    I tried multiple browsers, cleared server cache, ticked every troubleshooting option in the plugin settings, cleared plugin cache, downgraded plugin version, disabled all plugins, installed disable jQuery migrate plugin, etc, still get the infinite spinner. Day two on this issue for me.

    Here is error from dev tools console on forever spinner page

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    George replied

    Hello Eric,

    I've replied in the another ticket you've commented in. After seeing this error message, I think that must be a caching issue (on server / wp admin side). Clearing cache files and temporary disabling js optimization should solve your issue.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team

  •   Bob Ward replied privately