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Getting You Tube Vids to Autostart


  • Richard started the conversation

    I am modeling my LS project off of the demo: 

    My work-in-progress page is at:

    Four questions:

    1. Your demo auto starts the video.  My version is slightly different, for each of the 4 slides I delay the video layer for a few seconds.  It then shows up. However, my videos show but do not autostart. The videos can be started with a normal click to the you-tube arrow. But they WILL AUTOSTART if I first click on the thumbnails.  It's very confusing to me.

    2. Is there a way to pause a you tube video other than the user clicking on the you tube control itself. In other words is there a LS control?  If there is, I'd display a much bigger button for pausing.

    3. Is there a way to place thumbnails on top vice bottom?

    4. Is there a way to create text based thumbnails rather than having to use an image?  


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    George replied

    Hello Richard,

    1. Please REMOVE the ?autoplay=1 attribute from the end of the youtube embed URLs. Autoplay handled by LayerSlider and you don't need to place that string there.
    2. If you are using WordPress version of LayerSlider to create your sliders, you can use Layer Actions for that.
    3. and 4. You can use static layers for that (You can create layers that never animate out, these can be text, images, etc.)

    Attached files:  layer-actions-pause-media.png

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team

  • Richard replied

    Thank you George for getting back to me.   I removed the ?autoplay=1. I was aware that layerslider was suppose to handle it but when it didn't work I was looking for other solutions.  I have removed it but the videos still have that odd autoplay not then autoplay behaivor.

    FYI I am using the JQuery version.

    Clear your cache then go here:


    After a few seconds the video layer will start and the red youtube arrow will present itself.  If you press it the video plays. The strange thing is, after that, when the next slide comes it will auto play fine. And if you refresh the page, the video that did not start before will now auto start.   

    All help appreciated.

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    George replied

    Hello Richard,

    I'm sorry I've thought that you are using the WP version for building a slider and exporting the html markup.

    https://huntsvilleoriginalmusic.com/concert/robby-rules/ - I've checked your site and for me now the video are playing without any issues and without clicking to any thumbnails.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team

  • Richard replied

    Hi George,

    Just to make sure we are testing the same.. did you clear your cache first?

    Here is a youtube video I just captured to demo the behaivior.

    I cleared my cache. Then using the link in the response you sent, the page comes up starts, but the video does not self start.

    I do it a 2nd time, and same thing.

    I then click on the thumbnail for the next musician, and it auto starts fine.

    I click on the button for the 1st one, and it will auto start fine.

  • Richard replied

    I tried this on both Chrome and Edge - same behaivior.

  • Richard replied

    It does work ok on my phone... I'm having a friend test from his computer.

  • Richard replied

    It worked ok for my friend.... excuse me while I go out and jump off a cliff. As long as it works for others I'm ok with it.
    Thanks George, you can close this ticket.

    Love Layerslider,