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Licencing on dev and prod sites


  • Paul Coulson started the conversation

    I have been supplied with a license and have successfully applied this to the Development site (managed by WP-Engine) and successfully activated the Layerslider plugin but am unable to apply the same license to the main Production site - Can I remove the license from the Dev and re-apply it to the Production site.

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    George replied

    Hello Paul,

    As far as I know, WPEngine allows you to choose a custom environment name, which will be in the format of *.wpengine.com. If you enter anything that includes the words stage, staging, dev, or test delimited by a dot or a hyphen, then our systems should automatically recognize it as a development environment. Examples using the "stage" allowlisted word in the URL: 

    • stage.yourname.wpengine.com 
    • stage-yourname.wpengine.com 
    • yourname.stage.wpengine.com 
    • yourname-stage.wpengine.com

    In this case you will be able to use the same license key for your dev and production site at the same time.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team

  • Paul Coulson replied

    Hi George

    The environment names are:

    Prod - https://www.safeathomecip.org.uk

    Dev -  https://safeathomedev.wpengine.com

    Like I said the license applied succeccfully to the safeathomedev but will not allow itto be applied to safeathomecip - maybe the names are too dissimilar.

    What will happen if I copy the dev back to prod in WP Engine - will the updated license go with it?


    Paul Coulson

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    George replied

    Hello Paul,

    The "stage" or "dev" word should be separated by a period or hyphen to be recognized by LayerSlider as a dev page.


    With the current name, LAyerSlider recognizes your dev site as a production site. If you don't want to change the URL, you can deactivate the license on the dev site of course, and use it on your prod site.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team