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Output Transitions


  • Silvio started the conversation

    Hello, I am testing the output transitions.
    I understand that each layer does not have a "duration" property (inherited from slide). I have read and understand the "Timing transitions" but I don't quite understand the "slidechangeonly" value.

    By setting startatout = slidechangeonly (default) the durationout property is not taken into account. Is this normal behavior or is it a bug?

    Thank you

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    George replied

    Hello Silvio,

    Yes, this is the normal behavior. By changing slides, in most cases the most important thing that all layers should leave the scene (except static layers), so we've made this decision years ago, that the "duration out" property of layers will be skipped during slide change. The default duration out (for all layers) during slide change can be set by the forceLayersOutDuration initial option.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team