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where are the Scroll Scene settings?


  • Sky started the conversation

    My client wants to build a slider with several animations, with the user advancing to the next animation by scrolling.  We're using LayerSlider bundled with Enfold, but saw Scroll Scene listed as a feature in the premium version so we upgraded.  But we can't find any Scroll Scene settings, documentation, or anything about that function.  Can you offer any guidance?

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    George replied

    Hello Sky,

    There is a Scroll Behavior selector under Project Settings -> Layout. You can choose how the slider should behave when the page is scrolled. 

    Normal: The slider will be a regular element on the page. It will scroll along with other elements and play animations normally based on your settings.

    Sticky: Once the slider reaches the chosen viewport portion, it’ll stick to that location and act as a pinned element until visitors scroll beyond the threshold defined below. Animations are not affected.

    Scroll Scene: Acts as the Sticky behavior, but reacts and plays animations by scrolling the page.

    You can see a Scroll Scene Template here: https://layerslider.com/sliders/fairy/


    Regardless of the project's scroll behavior, you can add a scroll transition to any layer. For example, if you don't want the slider to "stick" into the viewport but you would like some layers to have a special transition while the page is scrolled.

    Check this template with layers using scroll transitions: https://layerslider.com/sliders/sweet-candies/

    Attached files:  scroll-transition.png

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team