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All layers on slide move together on mouse over


  • Mark Hannen started the conversation

    I'm trying to have the grey box with the text slide up into view when you roll over it with your mouse... 

    The functionally works individually but not as a whole... when I select all the layers, I see under "Layer Settings" "Multiple Selection Mode" is enabled.. not sure what that means.

    I have 3 layers on the one slide, trying to figure out how to have them work together as one.. 

    I tried to put the text into the HTML box that is the transparent grey background, but the I run into formatting issues..  

    This seems that it should be so simple but I'm totally missing something here.

    The function that I'm trying to create is shown on our main site linked below, this is an older site that I'm rebuilding in Wordpress... 


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  • Mark Hannen replied

    I just found "Global Hover"... I feel that this option should be located about the "Layer List" as it really pertains to the objects that you add as layers.. or when you select multiple layers that you want to transition together, that option is available to enable... This took way longer than it should have to find the answer to what I was trying to create. The documentation for this software is very vague. There really needs to be some simple tutorials to help get new users going... I've been using Adobe products for a long time, this shouldn't have been this difficult..  

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    George replied

    Hello Mark,

    If you would like to have your layers moving up while you are hovering the slider, you should do the following:

    - Select your layers- Go to Layers -> Transition on the right sidebar
    - Open the transition selector by clicking on the blue box with the "Opening Transition" text
    - Select "Hover Transition" and enable it
    - Type the desired value in the Offset Y field (for example with -300, the layers will move 300px up by hover)
    - You can customize the transition properties if you would like.
    - Now please go to Slide -> Effect on the right sidebar
    - Enable the Global Hover option

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    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team