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license not working


  • Cory started the conversation

    I just bought the license and it does not register just sits there the register button make a slight movement when clicked but nothing happens. 

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  • Cory replied

    is there anyone working? how long does it take? some information would be nice.

  • Cory replied

    I tried to update it through the screen you provide and it made me purchase it again with the license number 

    9F5596B7-3318-K349-MC23-C7CB1932EE3C and it still will not work, what a rip off, and no support, no way of finding out how long it takes for you to get back to a ticket. this is beyond frustrating. Now I cant even work on my sliders I got for free through the Skilled Theme and I have wasted the only day of the week I have to work on my site. Thanks a lot please just give me my money back for the license and the one you tricked me into buying again. 

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    George replied

    Hello Cory,

    First of all, I am sorry for the delayed reply.

    I checked your license keys in our system and I see that the license key EF9FEAF2-811D-K3FE-MCA8-66D44BF78165 is activated on site: authorcorybscott.com

    Your other license key (9F5596B7-3318-K349-MC23-C7CB1932EE3C) seems to be not used (but it is valid, of course)

    Did you try to use both keys on the same website? Activation may not have worked for a few hours due to a temporary issue, although no other user reported such an error. Of course I can refund your not used license if you would like, or I can help you if you would like to activate it on another website.

    I am sorry for your inconvenience.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team