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Layerslider will not update


  • Charity Henderson Vince started the conversation

    I cannot update Layerslider. When I try, it consistently brings up an error code. See attached. 

    Presumably because of this, my Layerslider is very buggy and currently won't display more than one slide in the carousel, which is extremely inconvenient.

    Attached files:  Web capture_23-2-2023_112248_americanwatercolorsociety.org.jpeg

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    George replied

    Hello Charity,

    As I can see, you are using an activated version of LayerSlider, but it seems like your theme's built-in updater is breaking our own plugin update process. I can recommend you to ask your theme author about this issue - because this should not happen. As an alternate solution, you can update manually LayerSlider by downloading the latest version from your account page: https://account.kreaturamedia.com/ 

    Please sign in with the email address you used for the purchase.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team