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Plugin is not rendering the text properly


  • Don Proshetsky started the conversation


    As my other ticket is being ignored, I thought I'd try my luck with a new one. It seems that your plugin is either not fully responsive or not properly working. I have three slides with Text layers but the text sometimes scrolls off the screen at certain resolutions (full to mobile), to the right or at the bottom.

    I've tried having the text in a single layer and setting wrapping to Enabled or Automatic. I've also currently tried top break the text into two layers and display that way but still issues at certain resolutions.

    I've put off reviewing the plugin as perhaps I am missing something but thus far., I can't say I'm totally impressed with the plugin of lack of support response time, sorry.

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    George replied

    Hello Don,

    I'm sorry for the delayed reply. I've sent a message to your original ticket. I hope that enabling word wrap and adding a (maximum) width to the text layer will work as a solution.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team