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Static not clearing


  • daveharney started the conversation

    I used the Furniture Slider example to create a static slide.  Everything works except that I can't get rid of the static display for other slides downstream.  I first used static: forever; on slide #5  but then I wanted to make the static part go away after slide #9 - before it goes onto #10.   I tried using static:9, static:#9, static: 10, static: #10 as this is what the documentation seemed to imply.  Nothing makes it go away and I can't find any example. please advise.

  • daveharney replied

    static:9 did work.  I didn't realize that every component of the static slide has to be set to this value.

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    George replied

    Hello dave,

    Yes, every component has to be set to that value.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team