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  • H. van Wouwen started the conversation

    I can no longer download themes from Layerslider, I get this error and I don't know how to solve it, who can and wants to help me with this? This is the error: Failed to connect to our update server. This could cause issues with license registration, serving updates, downloading templates and installable modules, and displaying certain information like the release log. It's most likely a web server configuration issue. Please contact your server host and ask them to allow external connections to repository.kreaturamedia.com domain and have cURL and the necessary components installed.

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    George replied


    We are sorry that you are having difficulties using LayerSlider.

    The problem is that WP Remote functions are blocked. Issues like this are usually caused by web server configuration settings. More specifically, when the hosting company doesn't allow external connections. You'd need to contact your hosting company and ask them to allow external connections or whitelist our domain: repository.kreaturamedia.com

    After that, downloading themes should work.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team