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Bulk Upload of images/slides


  • John Felan started the conversation

    I would like to create a slideshow which has 38 slides - background image only in each.

    If there a way to bulk upload 38 images to create 38 slides?  There are no layers only a background image on each slide.

    Thank you


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    George replied

    Hello John,

    Yes, there is a very easy way to do that. Create a new project which will have a single, empty slide by default. Next, click on Slides on the right sidebar, then under Background, click to set a Background Image. Now WordPress Media Browser window will open. In that window, select all the 38 images you would like to use for separate slide images, and that's all: LayerSlider will create 38 slides for you with those images as slide backgrounds.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team