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layer animation


  • Marco started the conversation

    Hi, I have a slider with several slides. In each slide I have up to 7 layers. 

    In a single slide I put a full screen image that covers all other layers. I need this image (layer) appearing into the slide, stays some seconds and then sliding out and let other layers be visible.

    So, how can I animate a single layer of a slide to make the layer visible just  a few seconds and then disappears? That is, a single layer should slide in and slide out to let other layers be visible before the whole slide completes and jumps to the next slide.



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    George replied

    Hello Marco,

    For that, please go to Layer -> Ending Transition and scroll down to Transition Properties. There you can set when this transition should start. Set it to "Opening Transition Completes" and add a plus time as a modifier (in milliseconds).

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    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team