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Loop multiple layers


  • Ingo started the conversation
    <p>Is there a way to loop multiple layers?</p><p>For example: https://layerslider.com/sliders/landing-page/<br>First layer shows&nbsp; "Landing screens" <br>Second layer shows "Landing mockup"</p><p>Is it possible to loop these two layers - starting again with the first layer? - over and over again.<br>In my real world example I want to loop through three top news.<br></p>
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    George replied

    Hello Ingo, 

    If you have only one slide in your slider, you can loop through multiple layers by the following way:

    Select all layers except the one you would like to loop and set their "Keep this layer visible" setting to "Forever" (this option can be found under Opening transition -> Additional Settings.

    After that, you can create a new slide and copy that layer you want to loop and paste it into that new slide, then change the text and set the transitions. You can repeat this step if you want to loop more layers.

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    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team