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  • Dana Cobb started the conversation

    I am attempting to use a class and media queries to adjust the left: 0; property of my slider layers.

    <h3 class="ls-l layerslider-left-position" style="font-weight:700; line-height:40px; padding-top:4px; padding-right:10px; text-align: left; ;
                padding-bottom:4px; padding-left:10px;; font-size:40px; color:#f8f2f2;               top: 100px;"              data-ls="durationin: 2000;              colorin: #000;              offsetxin: left;              offsetxout:-30;              startatin: 2500;              parallaxlevel:0;">
                  Train your Ammo             </h3>

    my class is:

    left: 20px !important;

    left: 50px !important;

    left: 100px !important;


    but using inspect, the slider is not seeing my class and setting each layer to left: 0;

    Your thoughts?


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    George replied

    Hello Dana,

    Could you, please show me your website with the slider?

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team