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Layer element not showing


  • ivan started the conversation


    Not sure if the above URL will work for you. Ity's a test page

    Basically, I am trying to have a "scroll down" arrow at the bottom of the screen that "yoyos" up and down to let site visitors know there is more content below.

    Similar to what you get with the Wordpress "Full screen slider" where there is an optionn in the slider settings to do this. See here if you dont know what I mean https://madaboutmara.com

    Anyway, in Layerslider I created a layer with an arrow and animation at the bottom of the screen that works perfectly fine when I preview the project, but when I publish the project it does not show in the live web page

    Any idea why ?

    Is there an easier way to achieve this ?


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    John replied

    Hi Ivan,

    You're using a caching, image preloader, or other site optimizer plugin, which doesn't seem to play nicely with others and interferes with LayerSlider. My guess is it's either JetPack or the Page Optimize plugin. 

    I believe the other issue you're experiencing with the admin interface is also the result of using these plugins. However, as mentioned, we're still investigating that issue, and for the time being, I ask you to leave these plugins untouched, so we can fully understand what's happening. 

    I've managed to find a workaround for this specific issue: disabling the "Use srcset attribute" option under Project Settings > Miscellaneous seems to fix the problem, as one of the optimizer plugins uses this attribute to have a blank placeholder image before preloading the image. This issue can easily cause troubles for all image layers, and you might want to disable it globally in LayerSlider's Plugin Settings. On the other hand, this is a useful feature that should work in normal circumstances.

    As for tips: at a quick glance, you did everything correctly. Since it's a full size slider, you might want to choose "Sides of the screen" for the Layers > Style > Position option for the arrow layer. This will push the arrow further to the edges of the slider when it needs to display in a different aspect ratio. We also offer many types of arrow and chevron icons if you change the layer type to be an icon.

    Best Regards,
    John | Kreatura Dev Team

  • ivan replied

    Thank you for the tip. I implemented it and it works well !

    I have left your temp access enabled