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Webshopworks plugin missing Black Friday#10


  • Donald Wecklein started the conversation

    Hi Kreatura Help,

    I still have questions but disregard the title; I was able to download the Black Friday Popup. 

    My question is, how do I make the popup work? I already looked at the documentation and I don't understand it. A simple, plain language explanation is best. To upload a Popup, click "X". To make the popup work click "X."  Right now, I haven't a clue how to use it. I can create a Layer Slider, but I have no idea how setup the popup. Do you have any documentation about how to create a popup from start to finish? I see all this documentation about configuration, location, etc., but nothing on the basics "How to get started." It seems like the documentation is written for advanced users/experts, not for someone learning how to use it. I can't even figure out where upload or select the desired popup. The instructions on the popup section completely skip the basics. Please help, I anticipated this to be easy to setup, but apparently it's not. 

    For addressing my questions, if it makes any difference, my first Wordpress website is built with Divi. My second Wordpress website is made with Enfold. 

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Kristof replied

    Hello Donald,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us!

    Firstly, you should create a new slider. In the slider settings / layout tab, you should select the popup type to your slider. After that, you can customize your popup settings in the slider settings / popup tab: 
    - You should add a triggering option in the launch popup, for example open automatically after X seconds or a jQuery selector to the open by click

    - You should set the repeat control of your popup.

    - In the target pages tab you should set the pages where you would like to show the popup 

    You can add layers in the slider editor in the same way as for a slider.

    If you have any other question, feel free to ask.

    Best Regards,
    Kristof Molnar | Kreatura Support Team