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  • Andreas started the conversation

    Hi all,

    I have insert a popup on my home page. The popup uses cookies (ls-popup) because I want that visitors see it only once per browser session. My problem is that the behaviour of the plugin is not GDPR compliant, because the cookies are set before the user can accept die GDPR in the bottom of my page. I use the GDPR feature already installed in the theme avada. Is there a feature that your plugin only save cookies if the vistor accept the GDPR function of avada? I know, that my wish also includes, that if a visitor doesn't accept the GDPR the popup will be shown each time during a browser session. The GDPR cookie of avada is called privacy_embeds: so if this cookie is set, the popup shouldn't be opened once again.

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    Kristof replied

    Hello Andreas,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us!

    Unfortunately, we cannot solve this problem because there is no universal solution on our part. There are thousands of different GDPR cookie solutions and even if we resolve it in 1-2 cases, then it will doesn't work the other cases, plus it would be sensitive to any changes in these solutions.

    This should be handled on the other side, preventing cookies from being set until someone accepts the cookie notice. It is possible on the avada side and would be an universal solution for this problem.

    Best Regards,
    Kristof Molnar | Kreatura Support Team