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Slide Linking


  • Kirk Lukan started the conversation

    So I'm still learning the LS scripting, and when I'm playing around I keep coming across the same issue which is this. Let's say I have 4 slides. On slide 1 I have a menu that links to slides 2,3 & 4. So for each "button" I've got the a tage set to "href="#2", "href="#3", "href="#4". What is happening when I click on any of these is that it just goes to the LAST slide. When I use #next or #prev it works fine. It also works if I use deeplinking...but I'd rather not use that. What am I missing that allows for non-linear navigation between slides?

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    George replied

    Hi Kirk,

    I should check your code for a safer solution but I think that your layers may overlap and because the link to the last slide is on the top of the other linked layers, you can click only on that specific layer.

    Best Regards,
    George | Kreatura Dev Team