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My slider does not work


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    Slides does not move



    Uncaught TypeError: ie.transitions._slideTimeline.stop is not a function
        at Object.forced (eval at <anonymous> (layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js?ver=6.10.2:13), <anonymous>:1:141774)
        at Object.start (eval at <anonymous> (layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js?ver=6.10.2:13), <anonymous>:1:119258)
        at eval (eval at <anonymous> (layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js?ver=6.10.2:13), <anonymous>:1:56557)
        at Object.layers (eval at <anonymous> (layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js?ver=6.10.2:13), <anonymous>:1:113681)
        at Object.imagesOfSlide (eval at <anonymous> (layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js?ver=6.10.2:13), <anonymous>:1:101990)
        at Object.changeTo (eval at <anonymous> (layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js?ver=6.10.2:13), <anonymous>:1:56496)
        at Object.prevNext (eval at <anonymous> (layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js?ver=6.10.2:13), <anonymous>:1:53907)
        at Object.next (eval at <anonymous> (layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js?ver=6.10.2:13), <anonymous>:1:99326)
        at Object.methods (eval at <anonymous> (layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js?ver=6.10.2:13), <anonymous>:1:206261)
        at HTMLDivElement.eval (eval at <anonymous> (layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js?ver=6.10.2:13), <anonymous>:1:2543)

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    Kristof replied


    Thank you for getting in touch with us!
    There seems to be a Greensock conflict on the page, it causing this error. There is most likely another item/plugin trying to use Greensock, but does not provide compatibility, thus the issue. Please try to use the LayerSlider WP -> Options -> Advanced -> Include scripts in the footer and Use Greensock (GSAP) sandboxing options to see if they help.

    Best Regards,
    Kristof Molnar | Kreatura Support Team