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webp safari fallback method


  • projectwebseo started the conversation


    this is actually a layer slider jquery question, i can't find my code, so just used this instead. sorry...

    I have used .webp images with the slide no problem.

    I just realized that webp images do not work on apple safari at all.

    I tried using <picture> but had no success.

    Is there a specific method to use webp with fallback to jpg for safari, or is it only .jpg at the moment?


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    Attila replied

    Hello Projectwebseo,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. My name is Attila and I'm happy to assist you today. I appreciate your patience while we've been working towards your ticket.

    Unfortunately at the moment there is no option to change content/settings only for certain browsers. You can do this based on device/screen size, but not based on browser types.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team