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Broken next/previous arrows


  • Olga Fischer started the conversation

    I have downloaded Hiking slider from the store. The slider is working but the next/previous arrows are not shown correctly. The default (inactive) images are invisible. When the mouse over, the seconds image (red square) become visible, but the arrows images inside look broken.I am using Bridge theme.

    Attached files:  layer-slider-problem.docx

  • Olga Fischer replied

    I have just deactivated my Bridge theme and activated a free theme. The slider works without any problems there. So it is obvious a compatibility issue, the slider is fine. 

    The case is closed, thank you.

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    Attila replied

    Hello Olga,

    Thank you for the feedback.
    Judging from your description, it is likely that your theme is applying its own styles on the sliders, interfering with their default settings. I'd recommend to contact the author of your theme, to find out how you can disable this behavior, so there is no style overwriting from the theme's part. 
    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team