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can not use your layerslider.


  • HANS started the conversation


    we purchased your layerslider for our wordpress store,but feel terrible,

    we want to import hiking slider and change the photo to be ours,but whatever we tried,the photo is not showing,we only can see the background photo visible,but if not background photo,other photo we put in slider are not visible, words can see it.why?

    and we can not revise the slider name,can not find place to rename.

    urgently need your helping.



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    Attila replied

    Hello Hans,

    We've replied to your other ticket regarding the same case.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team

  • HANS replied


    thanks for reply me.

    yes,the name of slider,i found place to change as your advised.thank you so much.

    but,2nd questions,i tried again and again,we moved the photo to be the top place in slider setting(layers,words,price etc),

    but not visible,it is difficult.

    pls see my website.the layer 3,4 should have product photo,but not visible.

    can you pls make a detailed moves by send us email or here to show me how to adjusting?

    both of us want to save time to resolve this problem.

    sorry to bother you again.