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CSS issues


  • raul started the conversation

    Hi, Thanks again for your amazing product! 

    Im running into some issues formatting my page. Basically 2 things:

    1- when using a header (top menu) and some padding, the first slide resizes and behaves correctly (fullSizeMode: hero), but the other slides anchors seem off when using the arrows to navigate down. 

    2- I seem incapable of formatting a CTA button element on the second slide, when the content is on the right side of the image.

    Would really appreciate some help! Thanks

  • [deleted] replied

    Hello Raul,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. My name is Attila and I'm happy to assist you today. I appreciate your patience while we've been working towards your ticket.

    Currently that arrow is not set to scroll to the next slider, but to the bottom of its own slider. You cannot use "scroll-down" for this, you will need to add a selector instead, for example the ID (#ID) of the element where you want to scroll.

    The only difference I could see between the buttons was that it did not brighten on hover. But actually that was not the case. The same animation is there on that too, but this brightening animation is hard to see on a white background. It's more visible on the first one becase it does not have a white background.

  • raul replied

    Thanks for the help!

    But I'm still having issues with the smart links href (on the nav arrow).. "#prev" is meant to navigate to next slide, no? but its not working, and my slides are dynamic, so its hard to use a selector, any ideas?
    Im also having trouble on a popup slide, I need to close it when user clicks "submit",  but "#closePopup" is not closing the popup... what am I doing wrong? 



  • [deleted] replied

    No, the #prev smartlink navigates to the previous slide, not to the next one. For that you will need #next.

    The #closePopup smartlink should close the popup you've used it in. Did you apply it on the button layer inside the popup ?

  • raul replied


    Yes thanks, sorry for the typo, obviously I meant #next. - The smartlink works, and #next navigates to the next slide, but the issue is that some of my slide containers have padding-top, and that makes the arrow anchor #next inaccurate.. (you can see the issue on the link provided) any workaround?


    Yes I added the href #closePopup to the button, but this smartlink doesn't work for me. -  I manage to fix it by adding the "ls-close-all-popups-button" class to the button layer.


  • [deleted] replied

    Thank you for the feedback. My colleagues and I will look into this to see what we can find, and get back to you shortly.

  • [deleted] replied

    We've checked on your setup and you seem to be mistaking what the smartlinks do. The #next smartlink proceeds the slideshow to the next slide, not to the next slider. To navigate to a certain point on page, for example to the next slider further down, you will need to use scroll to element instead. As for the misalignment, the only thing we see is that you are using different sliders for mobiles, but those do not contain the downward arrows. So when the sliders switch out on smaller screens, those layers are no longer available. Other than that, there are no visible errors.

  • raul replied

    Thanks a lot for the help!.. 

    I managed to get the smartlinks working by following your suggestion. 

    One more question, how can I customise the loading image/div? Im already using my own transparent .gif, but I would need to change the size of it, and also be able to remove the background color. Any suggestions?


  • [deleted] replied

    Thank you for the feedback.

    To do that you will need to edit the skin.css file in the selected skin.