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Slider Flashes between image changes


  • Randy Kassebaum started the conversation

    We are using the origami slider. At the end of each displayed image and right before the next image there is a flash. Didn't know if there is a way to make the flash go away. It is distracting. Suggestions??

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    Attila replied

    Hello Randy,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. My name is Attila and I'm happy to assist you today. I appreciate your patience while we've been working towards your ticket.

    I have checked your site, but for me there is no flashing between slides/images.

    Have you managed to fix the problem in the meantime ?

    In case not, could you please specify on what OS/browser/device are you experiencing this exactly ?

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team