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  • giftcardfocus started the conversation


    Im trying to create bullet points. It looks good in the editor but when i publish it to my staging site there are no bullets.

    Also on my gtmetrix speed test i noticed the following files getting a 404 error code.....



    I verified via FTP that the files are there but somehow still comes up as 404

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    Attila replied

    Hello Giftcardfocus,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. My name is Attila and I'm happy to assist you today. I appreciate your patience while we've been working towards your ticket.

    What bullet points are you referring to exactly ? As I can see every navigation area - including the thumbnails - is disabled, that is why they do not show.

    Are you trying to insert external content to the slider or an HTML code? If yes, what it is and how exactly did you try to do it?

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team

  • giftcardfocus replied

    Hello Attila

    Yes im entering HTML... here it what i put

    <ul style="list-style-type:disc;">
       <li>5 Star Rated Customer Service</li>
      <li>Fast Shipping Directly To Your Door</li>
      <li>Large Inventory Of Hard To Find Spirits</li>
      <li>100% Satisfaction Guaranteed</li>

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    Attila replied

    Then please select the HTML layer type for it. You cannot put complex HTML structures to text layers. 

    Or alternatively, you can set these up as separate text layers, so there is no code involved and you can style them using the plugin settings.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team

  • giftcardfocus replied

    I do have the HTML box selected