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linking to popup sliders (how to)


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    On 19th of March I wrote:

    Question about LayerSlider, popup sliders. I have set the popup slider at "open by click" by typing #test-popup and "Target Pages" includes all pages. Then I have set a button (Enfold theme) with a button link "Set manually" test-popup. When testing I get "Error 404 - page not found" What am I doing wrong? What should I write in the custom CSS field of the button? Is there a simple tutorial about how to link to a popup slider? There is not enough info in the documentation. Downloading an example slider form the template store does not help either. 

    You wrote:

    If you want to trigger the popup with a button (layer) from another slider, you will need to enter the following line to the Open By Click field of the popup: #example 
    And then set an ID in the Link & Attributes tab, for the button (layer) in the other slider, with the same name: example
    In case you want to start a popup slider with a button outside of a slider from your site, you will need to apply an ID (id="example") or class (class="example") on that button and enter the same selector for ID (#example) or class (.example) to the Open By Click field in the Slider Settings.
    Please also make sure that the sliders that you want to use (the popups as well) are added to the page. You can also use the Slider Settings -> Popup -> Target Pages section for this purpose.

    My reply:

    Hi Attila, 
    I followed up on what you have e-mailed to me. I’ve left the link to field empty. Is this correct?
    I have used “Target Pages” to include all pages. But the popup slider does not open.
    Does the auto-include feature work properly on Enfold theme?
    If not, can you explain how to include the slider on pages? Use shortcode?

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    Attila replied

    Hello Maurice,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. My name is Attila and I'm happy to assist you today. I appreciate your patience while we've been working towards your ticket.

    You do not need any links set, just make sure that you apply the ID on the Enfold button, add the selector for the popup and insert the popup to the site. This is all it takes to set this up.

    I've checked the URL you provided, but there is no slider being used on it currently. I do not see the presence of an active LayerSlider either. Where can we see the plugin or slider in work ?

    The Target Pages section of the plugin is not related to Enfold, so it should be working regardless. But you could try to add the slider with a shortcode to see if that works. But please do not use the Enfold builder for this, as it will likely not insert the popup slider correctly, but leave a blank space for it on page. Use one of the default methods instead: https://layerslider.kreaturamedia.com/documentation/#publishing-popups

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team

  • tpim3305 replied

    Thank you Atilla,

    There are popup sliders but they are not visible on the website because I can't seem to get them published (=included on the pages). I don't know why. I would like to test a default method to insert a popup slider on a page (preferably using shortcode). With the Enfold builder I get no results, like you said (slider not showing on pages).  I tried various settings, see attachments, but nothing seems to help.

    So what are the default methods? The documentation assumes prior knowledge about shortcodes, class, ID, which I don't have. How do I insert a shortcode into a page? Please help, is there a simple tutorial? Or an example which I can see (screenprints).

    Best regards,


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  • tpim3305 replied

    Enfold wants me to set a class on elements.

    How can I link to a popup slider from a weblink or the menu?

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    Attila replied

    As I've mentioned you do not need links. You need to set an ID or class, which are attributes, not links. Forget the linking field or any kind of linking and apply an ID or a class on that button, that you can use in the popup as a selector. The Enfold builder must provide an option for this.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team

  • tpim3305 replied

    I have figured it out. Setting the correct class on buton and in the popup slider settings, like you said. Then adding the shortcode using the standard editor. This destroys the Enfold layout of my website and autostarts the popup slider instead of by click.

    Today I had it confirmed by Kriesi that Enfold is not compatible with the new popup feature. I will use sliders on seperate pages instead of popup sliders. You can close this ticket now.