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Transition Errors Using Blur Filter


  • jaseinatl started the conversation

    I have two icon layers (Quote icons)

    They have the following static properties:

    • xscale=yscale=1
    • color: #ccccddaa (blueish white with some transparency)
    • filter:blur(5px)
    • z-index: (lowest)
    • x:outer, y:middle
    • rotate:0
    • transform:x=y=50% (center)

    My transitions for each element start and end with these properties:

    • xscale=yscale=0.3
    • fade out
    • filter:blur(15px);
    • easing:easeoutback
    • rotate: 180/-180
    • duration:2000ms

    I have several slides with these same "background quotes" behind text

    When playing each slide separately, the animation looks great

    When playing successive slides, there appears to be a random number of views before the blur effect just stops. But it only last for a random small number of iterations (like <3) and it doesn't affect both quotes at the same time necessarily. Sometimes it does, but usually it's just one or the other--kind of random. 

    I have not found any consistent pattern to identify when it is happening. 

    I'm assuming that you are scripting the transitions, so perhaps you have forgotten to use the stop method every time you perform a transition. If you only do it occasionally, the stop method could stop the blur effect at the beginning or end of a slide only to pick up up and try to toggle it next time. 

    I'll see if I can find where the problem is, but wanted you to know. Another consideration might be that when a slide animates out, truncate its animations and reset it to the necessary state. If your transition between slides is shorter than your transition out durations, you could end up with these kinds of results as well. Resetting them as soon as the slide is "out" might solve it. 

    I've been doing a step by step comparison of your product to Revolution Slider to create some simple to complex slide animations and this is the first technical glitch I have found in your product (don't get me started on Revo Slider's issues). 

    Thanks in advance for your support. I'll post back if I find the error or if it's a problem on my end.


  • jaseinatl replied

    Attached you will find two screen shots. The "slide-rendered.jpg" image was captured in my web browser from a WordPress rendered page using AVADA and the Fusion page builder. Notice the text stylings for the quotes are wrong.

    The "slide-admin.jpg" image was captured from the WordPress Admin screen in the LayerSlider edit slide mode. This is how the image should look.

    Interestingly enough, the random blur function happened because somehow the settings didn't get copied between slides. I used the first slide, configured the way I wanted, then just duplicated it several times to get the remaining slides--preconfigured. However, for some reason, not all of the slide properties (esp. transition properties) were copied. And it was terribly inconsistent. 3 of the eight slides copied with no problems. 5 were missing the blur transitiions on one quote (3 for one side and 2 for the other). Since I had the slider set to "shuffle" it made it even more random. LOL

    I manually reapplied the settings to all of the slides and that appears to have solved the immediate problem. the quotes animate fine. But now there's this issue with the unformatted or transitioned text on every slide.

    Attached files:  slide-rendered.jpg

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    Attila replied

    Hello Jase,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. My name is Attila and I'm happy to assist you today. I appreciate your patience while we've been working towards your ticket.

    Thank you for your feedback and looking into this. I'll forward your findings to the dev team so they can take a look as well. If you could set up a temporary WP login that we can use to check on this at your end, that would also be helpful for investigation.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team

  • jaseinatl replied

    Sorry. At wits end with your slider and reset my site from scratch hoping that I had maybe done something that messed it up. No such luck. I even purchased a new license thinking maybe my old license was the issue. NOPE. Now, the entire admin screen is a jeryky cranky mess and trying to scroll on the page is just not working. You can close this ticket because I deleted those slides and I am not a happy customer.

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    Attila replied

    Unfortunately we cannot help you troubleshoot this issue from just two screenshots. We have to see the slider live to be able to investigate it. At least the front-end, but an admin login would help too.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team