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LayerSlider not showing after Site migration


  • Rydlo started the conversation

    I recently migrated my site to a different hosting provider, and everything was working fine for a few days, but now it was stopped working. Displaying a White Screen where the slider would normally be. 

    I have tried deactivating all plugins, but it still would not show. The PHP settings are the same from both hosting providers. 

    Please help. 


  • Rydlo replied

    Just a quick update. I got it to work by disabling the advanced settings of Google JQuery CDN, but now it will only display when I am logged into the site. 

  • Rydlo replied

    Just Fixed it. For anyone else who has this problem, here is what I did to fix it. 

    Disabled the JavaScript processing in Fast Velocity Minify plugin

    Thats it.