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Disable skinhandling leads to broken events


  • Kiebel started the conversation

    When using layerslider (we use the jquery version 6.7.5) with completly no skin handling (setting option skin to '' or null) result in broken events. In my example I use the event callback sliderDidLoad which works perfect until setting skin option is set to null. 

    The complete layerslider styling is done in our main websites stylesheet so we dont need the additional skin handling and maintain a small website footprint we don't want to load additional stylesheets or files.

    Already reported in february 2017 with version 6.1.6 and this annoying behaviour still exist in the latest layerslider version.

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    John replied

    Hi Kiebel,

    You're right. Changing this is still on our todo list. It's required to load a skin at the moment; passing null or an empty string causes a JS error. The reason is that even the "noskin" skin contains some important CSS rules. These includes play icons and other interface elements, hence the requirement. I understand that advanced users might want to merge all CSS files and this behavior can be annoying. I will make sure that we really do implement your suggested solution this time in one of our upcoming updates. 

    Thank you for understanding!

    Best Regards,
    John | Kreatura Dev Team