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working with bootstrap


  • cwestm22 started the conversation

    I purchased the J Query LayerSliders 6. All I would like to do with this plug-in is add a Testimonial slider in a <div col-6> with bootstrap. This way it will not consume the entire screen and so that it will be responsive with bootstrap. So far I have only managed to create stacked 1280 px across the screen. Is there a way to make the sliders responsive within a <div class="container">. I have tried changing the j query type to responsive and setting the height and width to 100% or inherited. Even if I reduce the size to 640 it off center and background images are unresponsive. 

  • [deleted] replied

    Hello cwestm22,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. My name is Attila and I'm happy to assist you today. I appreciate your patience while we've been working towards your ticket.

    Could you please show us your site or a test page where we can see how you started it and what you did so far ? We would need to see it to be able to recommend the best method.

  • cwestm22 replied

    Its really simple as web designer a  person might want to add a layerSlider6 within the first left 6 columns in a 12 column in HTML page layout(responsive) and they want to have a video in the right 6 columns and they want the widths to be responsive to minimizing browsers. Every one of the layerSlider6 has an inline width and height all the styles conflict all the projects because all the basic styles are used (e.g.) <body> <p> <img> CSS conflict. How do I use this in a regular HTML page??? 

  • [deleted] replied

    Thank you for the explanation, but as I've mentioned we would need to see how you tried to set it up. LayerSlider is capable of doing this, but we cannot tell what's the problem without seeing what you did so far. Please show us your site or at least the HTML source code.