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Using a Popup slider within another slider


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    bernardohouston started the conversation

    "If you want to trigger the popup with a button (layer) inside the slider, you will need to enter the following line to the Open By Click field: #example   And then set an ID in the Link & Attributes tab, for the same button (layer) with the same name, so id="example"

    Naturally the trigger button can be any element on your site, including external sources. You will need to apply the same method. Set an ID or class for that button (element) and enter the same ID/class to the Open By Click field.

    Best Regards, Attila | Kreatura Support Team"

    I have found the above information but can't seem to understand it or use it properly. I have a slider and in that slider I'd like to create a few buttons that would trigger pop ups. Specifically, under Pipe Services, I want to make buttons for Welding, Cutting, End-finishing etc. How can I incorporate the external sliders into the larger central slider?

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    Attila replied

    Hello bernardohouston,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. My name is Attila and I'm happy to assist you today. I appreciate your patience while we've been working towards your ticket.

    You cannot insert sliders into each other. You will have to create separate sliders for each popup and for the original slider as well. You also have to insert all of them to the page, otherwise they won't load. If you've done these you can follow the mentioned instructions to set up the triggers.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team