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  • ldsdatalogik started the conversation

    Hi, i would like the uncompressed source code of the plugin that i purchased please. 

  • [deleted] replied

    Dear ldsdatalogik,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. My name is Attila and I'm happy to assist you today. I appreciate your patience while we've been working towards your ticket.

    Please note that we are only releasing the uncompressed source code in justifiable cases. 

    In most cases it's not needed, as the changes can be made with the LayerSlider API.

    Could you please specify for what purpose do you need it ? 

  • ldsdatalogik replied

    I would like a refund of my purchase, if what i bought was, compressed JavaScript code.

    So what's it going to be? can i get the code i purchased or can you please refund my purchase?

  • [deleted] replied

    The source code is proprietary to defend our intellectual property. This is a common practice in most of software marketing business. 

    As mentioned, we are only sharing the uncompressed source code in justifiable cases, but you did not provide us with any explanation why would you need it. 

    As also mentioned, the compressed source code offers several performance advantages, and it does not block anything, not even for developers (API).

    Since the code we provide is not an obstacle and the pruchased item can be used with it without any problem, we are not able to grant you a refund.

  • ldsdatalogik replied

    I was informed pre-purchase (by reading many message fora with replies from Kreatura) that uncompressed javascript code would be available when purchased. that is why i puchased it. 

    I already have your plugin from multiple templates i've bought. but i needed the uncompressed.

    I need the source code to modify my slider on my website.

  • ldsdatalogik replied

    I also experience an error "cannot read wrapped of undefined" which i cannot debug, because the error happens on the 1 line in the compressed .js file.

    you are delaying my project alot. i bought your plugin a long time ago now. i was under the impression that i would be able to download uncompressed js code at the time of purchase - not this.

    So i should be searching for another slider plugin you are telling me?

  • [deleted] replied

    Themes bundle the WordPress version of the plugin. This is the standalone jQuery release, which is different. 

    The uncompressed code was not promised to be part of the plugin's package. Not on the item's Envato page, and not on our website either. You can always ask pre-purchase questions in the comment section or in email when something's not clear.

    As we've mentioned multiple times now, you do NOT need the uncompressed source code to use the plugin and to edit sliders. The jQuery documentation is included to the plugin's package, there are descriptions and examples there that you can read and check.

    Regarding the error, if you show us your site or a test page where we can see the slider, we can help troubleshoot it.

  • ldsdatalogik replied


    Multiple comments on that thread mentions uncompressed js code being available, that is why i bought your plugin.

    I'm making a spherical slider with your plugin (I am trying at least) and no, your support on that matter is very limited.

    I even had the layerslider plugin before my purchase, from my Unity template and many other templates. all i wanted to buy was uncompressed javascript code.

    are you just like "yes! we trapped another silly customer thinking he actually bought readable javascript files"

    if not: why would you refuse a refund? 

  • ldsdatalogik replied

    As you see on the attatched image, KreaturaSupport states clearly, to the asking customer, and i quote: 

    "Both the compressed and uncompressed js files are included to the plugin’s package.

    Best Regards,

    Kreatura Support Team"

    so if that fact has changed since then, i would like a refund. 

  • [deleted] replied

    And as you can clearly see, these comments are outdated, they are years old now. 

    We've provided the uncompressed code in the past, but decided to change it, and we only share it in justifiable cases now.

    Unfortunately we cannot help you with your project as you do not tell us anything, other than that you want the uncompressed code. We've asked you to show us your site with the slider and explain what you want to achieve ecatly, but so far you've failed to do so. We are only able to help if you cooperate. In case you decide to actually work with us, we are here to help.

  • ldsdatalogik replied

    as i stated before. i want a plugin i can tinker with and that is not layerslider. because all the research i did beforehand, was on your outdated opinions and terms.

    11 month old comment. yes i believed that to be valid. 

    Could you update your answers or remove the ones that are no longer in effect? you might mislead more people to your compressed unrefundable 'source' code.

    why would you deny me a refund?

  • [deleted] replied

    The uncompressed source code was not promised to be part of the package, and it's not needed to use the plugin, not even for developers. 

    The plugin is exactly as described on its Envato page, there was no misleading from our part.

    Relying on comments from years ago, and not checking the actual description of the item, is not a good approach. You had every chance to ask us anything before purchasing.

    Regardless, we are going to assume that this was an honest mistake on your part, and accept the refund as a sign of good faith.

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  • ldsdatalogik replied

    it was not an honest mistake, i would still like to buy your product with the source code.

    Can i then buy the sourcecode, of the version you ran a year ago?