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3D Rotation of the slides


  • Atanas started the conversation


    I was trying to get two slides (each containing one image only) to rotate/slide with the preselected 3d slide transitions, but somehow did not work and unfortunately could not find anything about it in the documentation section - I´m trying with Wordpress and I´m using Enfold Theme with standard template. Maybe I did not find the section in your documentation, maybe is just not working like this - I´m not a website developer or professional, I´m a beginner and learner. So maybe is this a stupid question, but I would appreciate your help...

    Thanks and regards

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    Attila replied

    Hey Gerginski,

    Slide transitions require slide background images. The slide background images are used for slide transitions, and there won't be any animation if there is no slide background available.

    Please make sure that your images are added as backgrounds.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team

  • Atanas replied

    Thanks a lot - seems to be working - Internet Explorer does not show the transition in 3D, only in 2D, but it works - now I know where to start - I knew it is a stupid question... :)

    Thanks and regards