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  • skoleit started the conversation

    With Layerslider plugin turned on I get a huge performance reduction on test with: 


    I read pur reviews on Layerslider on https://wp-rocket.me/blog/fastest-wordpress-image-slider-plugin/. But can this really be true? 

    I use Layerslider on most pages though not on this one (slider revolution - bad reviews aswell though, but may be fixed in the meantime), which performs better: https://skoleit.dk/office-365-education-til-skoler/

    Before I uninstall Layerslider and switch to something else, I will ask you if there is a way to enhance performance with the layerslider. 

    I can provide you with temporary login I this is nessecary for you to help me properly. 

    I look very much forward to hear from you - Hope you have a solution to my problem:) 

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    Attila replied

    Hey skoleit,

    You could try to use the Include scripts in the footer and Conditional script loading settings to increase your site’s performance by loading resources only when necessary and/or including them in the footer for better load time. These options are located in the Advanced settings section.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team

  •   skoleit replied privately
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    Attila replied

    Dear skoleit,

    This article is 1,5 years old. Since then we have released version 6 of LayerSlider, which was a major update that drastically changed the plugin and all around improved it.

    There is 0,15 second difference between the fastest result and our result in this article, that is basically unnoticeable. Not to mention that the faster plugins in this article are way more simple and basic than LayerSlider, they only offer a fraction of what our plugin provides.

    Also, I do not see anything extreme in the Google Page Speed. There are only a few mentions related to LayerSlider, and these are minor things as well.

    What more you could do is to check if you have the Slider markup caching enabled in the Advanced settings, it can greatly increase the plugin performance. And if you are not using any cache plugin/solution on your installation it's also recommended to implement one for better performance.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team