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External links in LayerSlider


  • Soft Tech Group started the conversation


    I want to add external links in my layerslider so that when users click on slider they are redirected to another "Website" but I'm unable to add that. Can you please guide me how to do this?

    Everytime I add some link it open as:


    Which generates a 404 error page.

  • [deleted] replied

    Dear Soft Tech Group,

    The Envato system indicates that you haven't purchased LayerSlider from us. If you've received LayerSlider as a bundled plugin in your theme, item support and updates will be provided by the theme author. Please contact the author of your theme with this case and about the available new versions.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a license from us, so we can provide our support services for you, along with our auto-update solution, beta and early access releases and exclusive offers for our direct buyers as well.

  • Soft Tech Group replied

    It came bundled with salient theme and they said they don't provide support for external plugins. 

    So it means since it came packaged so you can't tell us a simple thing if external links are possible on slider or not?