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Downloading Additional free themes/templates


  • dkeesee77 started the conversation

    I see that the V6 slider shows that it is now free.  However I do not see anywhere to download any of the free ones, nor purchase the premium ones.  A link to what you describe in one theme as "Template Store" would be very helpful I feel.  Thank you.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey dkeesee77,

    Currently the Template Store is only available for the WordPress release of LayerSlider.
    The demo sliders that are available for the jQuery version of LayerSlider are included to the plugin's package that you download from CodeCanyon. 
    There are no additional ones available at the moment but we are planning to add more to the standalone version as well like in the WordPress release.
    What you could do is to open the page source of the demo site so you can see the sliders' code. This is basically the same as the dedicated examples in the package, except that the images and other source files are not sorted, but the essential part is the same.